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August 9, 1998 playlist from 12 O'Clock Rock
selections by Andrea 'Enthal

the Delta 72-On the Rocks
Teriyakis-Red Hula Hornet
Von Hammling-My Country Tis of Thee
Bis-I'll Get You Back
Godzuki-No Future [b]
Holly GoLightly-My Own Sake
Dump-You and I
Sosumi-Humor Me [a]
the Rock A Teens-Leave What's Left of Me
the La Donnas-End of the Devil Dogs
the Violent 9-It Doesn't Matter Any More/Punk Rock Girl
Vandals-Sheena Is A Punk Rocker
the 5,6,7, 8's-Smilly Willy
the Chubbies-What Girls Want
Girlfriendo-the Angry Song [b]
the Yummy Fur-Stereo Girls
Gaze-Sunday Night Waterworks [c]
Evil Twin-Scary Stupid Small
Jaime Fielding-Kill It
Trunk Federation-Turtle II
Flaming Telepath-Non-Alignment Pact
Peter Jefferies-Elevator Madness
the Delta 72-Hip Court
Kittycraft-No Response/High as a Kite
Gertrude-Dirty Windows [d]
Pussycats-Chicka Boom
........... (calendar)..............
the Delta 72-Rich Girls Like to Steal
the Delgados-Mauron Chanson
Vibrasonic-Don't Leave Me Tired
Third Grade Teacher-Ow Ow Ow
Evergreen-the Queen Song
Statuesque-Shire Refusenik
Medicine Ball-Turning 31
Suicide-(live version of)-Harlem
Lazy Cowgirls-Route 66
the Drags-I Killed Rock 'n' Roll
Revellers-Heaven [a]
Dawson-Whistle Shunt Symmetry
Blue-30 Seconds Over Tokyo [a]
US Bombs-Rejected
Parc Boys-People
the Ray-Ons-Slim to None
Silver Scooter-Regret Sets In [b]
Four Letter Words-Gimme Some Violence
Fungus Brains-Hairbrush
Drag King-Rock the Vote
Sea Tiger-MV
Star Ghost Dog-Automatic Caution Door
the Hangovers-Sitting on Top of the World
There were no new releases aired on the program this week.  All cuts are relatively recent archive materials, many are from the last 12 months. Those marked with a bracketed letter are from--
[a] Ubu Dance Party, double CD compilation
[b] Volume 11 of a sampler inside a Japanese magazine
[c] Alone in a Room 3, 7" compilation from Snackcake fanzine
[d] Talon Salon 7" compilation