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August 2, 1998 playlist from 12 O'Clock Rock
selections by Andrea 'Enthal

Bis-Kid Cut
Peter Jefferies-Elevator Madness
Suicide-Rocket USA
Bis-Statement of Intent
Lake of Dracula-Four Teachers
the Methadone Actors-Caged
Bunny Foot Charm-What's With This?
the Hueston Fortner Building-Shiny Bright Jet
Dymaxion-Use Once and Destroy
Hangovers-(no cut name on record, it's one of the Kill Rockstars club singles, I named it "Sitting on Top of the World"--'Enthal)
Cotillion-Das Knaben Wunderhorn (translation: the Boyish Wonderhorn? Doesn't make much sense to us)
the Drags-I Killed Rock and Roll
Fireballs of Freedom-Von Ferno
Electric Frankenstein-EF Theme
Captain 9's and the Knickerbocker Trio-Burner Barrel
Planquez-I Am Sub Mariner
live music: the Kiss Offs
engineering by Bob Durkee
Peter Jeffries-Come Down Easy
Ich Schwitze Nie-What Should I Do/Les Paul
Bis-Clockwork Punk
the White Stripes-Let's Shake
the Make Up-U R My Intended
the 5,6,7,8's-Mr Lee
Pat Dull and his Media Whores-Love, Rock & Roll, and How They Relate
the Fancy Lads-Everything is You
Viza Noir-Proposal
Monitor Radio-Brown Leather
Varispeed-Particle (or) Wave (can't tell which side is which, they're instrumentals)
Fungus Brains-Day of Heat
Fireballs of Freedom-James Brown Starr
the Hueston Fortner Building-Fireman
Dymaxion-Constant Idle System
Spoon-Car Radio
Village of Savoonga-New Torture
Bunny Foot Charm-Break Out
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