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July 12, 1998 playlist from 12 O'Clock Rock
selections by Andrea 'Enthal
in-studio guest Azalia Snail & crew

Savage Republic-When All Else Fails (1982)
Tools You Can Trust-Working and Shopping (1983)
Terminal Sunglasses-Eating Barbie's Feet (1985)
the Makers-Turn Up the Century (1998)
NoMeansNo-This Story Must be Told (1998)
Teeth-High Spirits (1989)
Sleepy Township-Rites (1998)
Look Blue Go Purple-Cactus Cat (1986)
Driving Past-Archive (1998)
Penelope Trip-Tigremoon (1992)
the Teardrop Explodes-Strange House in the Snow (1981)
Trash of All Nations-Coffin of Gold (1986)
Picasso Trigger-Remind Us (1993)
Penis Flytrap-I Wait (1998)
23 Skidoo-Gregouka (1982)
Ida Sessions-(cut 1, side a, name not on cue sheet) (1998)
Azalia Snail-Ginger Ale/Gilt Vatrine (1998)
3D's-Sing Song/Bunny
Azalia Snail-Defia's Death by Rose (1998)
Tiller Boys-Big Noise From the Jungle (1979)
Toys Went Berserk-Guns at My Head
the Donnas-Looking For Blood (1998)
Penis Flytrap-Dracula's Daughter (1998)
Bangs-Baby's Day Out (1998)(not the pre-Bangles band, or the band that forced them to change their name from Bangs to Bangles, this is still a third band by that name)
Mach Kung Fu-Intro/Tiger Stomp
Terminal Sunglasses-My Cat Got Run Over by a Truck
Tools You Can Trust-A Blaze of Shame
the Grifters-Wicked Thing
Salamander Jim-Black Star (1985)
TVBC-Triple Drag (1987)
Steve Kubit-Stir (1998)
Servotron-(cut 1, side a from the Entertainment Program For Humans album)
Hello I'm a Truck-Too Tired to Farm
the Kent 3-the Searcher
Savage Republic-Tragic Figure
the Wart-Baby
the Skeptics-Blue
Love Child-Stumbling Block
*** *** *** ***