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June 28, 1998 playlist from 12 O'Clock Rock
selections by Andrea 'Enthal

the Kent 3-the Mad Sound
the Dread-Mad
New Wave Hookers-Crystal Bullet
Congratulations Fruit-Smiling Everywhere
Basczax-Celluloid Love [z]
Possum Dixon-Sister
the Wisdom of Harry-Shotgun
Mean Red Spiders-Eat Without Sowing
Very Pleasant Neighbor-the Boy With Only One Head
Spare Snare-As A Matter of Fact
Lowercase (cut name not on cue sheet because it is not on the record--from the Killrockstars Mailorder Freak 7")
the Teacups-Your Fast Friend
Solarium-All the Time
No Real-No Enemy [z]
Honeybee-Sea Jack [z]
Bone Crusher-Love and Peace [z]
Curento Soul-Is Shout [z]
Sink-Greed [z]
Melt Banana-Chicken Headed Racoon Dog [z]
UK Decay-Werewolf [z]
Of Montreal-the Couples First Kiss
Pere Ubu-Urban Lifestyle
Born Without a Face-Heartbreak Hotel [z]
Nothing Cool-Activist
the 5678's-Hey Mashed Potato Hey
Noodle Muffin-Pigs!
Pere Ubu-Street Waves
the Cruel Sea-Better Get a Lawyer
Electric Frankenstein-You're So Fake
Zenevski Diekret-Ubijuam Te [z]
Southern Culture on the Skids-Voodoo Beach Party [z]
Tolbiac's Toads-Pas Concernes [z]
Cul de Sac-This is the Metal That Do Not Burn (grammar is theirs, not 12 O'Clock Rock's)
the Heartworms-Parsimony
Aikagi-Piggy Bank
the Rondelles-Shimmy Becker
Skinned Teen-Nancy Drew
Lulu's Marble-Jack the Ripper
the Necessary Evils-Thrill Pill
Arkasaw Man-68 Degrees [z]
Electric Blue Peggy Sue and the Revolutionions From Mars-Speedway/the Gun Clint Used to Use [z]
the Gories-Ghost Rider [z]
Souse Loaf-30 Seconds Over Tokyo
Spy '51-Stungun
Terabithia-Yes I Am
Rocketship- (cut name not on cue sheet, from the heart side of the 7")
Cuts marked with a [z] are from the 'Enthal Archives and are very likely to be out of print.