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June 21, 1998 playlist from 12 O'Clock Rock
selections by Andrea 'Enthal
Ida Sessions-Depth Charger
the Kent 3-Ointment Endeavour
Ivy Green-Wap Shoo Wap [a]
Panic-Bereslecht [b]
Mach Kung Fu-Cuckoo Rock
Dirt Shit-Discosheisser [c]
Steve Kubit-Chemically Proven Not to Mean A Thing
Prats-Disco Pope [c]
the Wisdom of Harry-Shotgun
Shap-Her -Alien Bitch From Outer Space
Snapper-Cause of You
the 5,6,7,8's-Pinheel Stomp
the Wisdom of Harry-Samovaar
the Spinnanes-Kid in Candy
Dust in My Head-Rasen
the Volatiles-Never Learned to Skate
Kickstarter-Hangin' on B Street
the Kripos-Camera Security [a]
Ypo Viis-Me Myytiin it Semme [c]
Filth-Sex/Nothing For Me [a]
Chainsaw-What Goes On [d]
Quazi Modo-Electric Chair [e]
the Kids-For the Fret
Jack and the Rippers-No Desire [f]
the Titans-Drink-Drive
Yodler Killers-Soussolrock [c]
Cursive-Returns and Exchanges
the Kent 3-Peter 4:3
7% Solution-Oh Yeah
Silver Scooter-Sunlight
De Brassers-Kontrole [d]
Loviband-the Grey Song
Sehr Schnell-Vaihda Vapaalee [c]
Ida Sessions-Time to Die
Trunk Federation-Devil in a Catskin
Slide and the Question Marks-Word Never Said
the Need-96 Needles
Shyster-27 Seconds
Bastards-Schizo Terrorists [f]
Corduroy-Truck Ribs
Technicolor-Bunker [c] (label gives this as band name spelling but I have reason to believe their name is really spelled Technycolor--'Enthal)
Ich Schwitze Nie-Was Sell Ich Tun/Les Paul
the Chosen Few-Adolph You Beauty
the Basement Brats-Ordinary Guy
the Gordons-Future Shock
Blowtops-Maniac at Large
the Subsonics-Pretty Pills
Hello I'm a Truck-Too Tired to Farm
Ralph Carney-(either) Backwards Werewolf (or) Krelm (It is awfully hard to tell with names like that, on an instrumental track--'Enthal)
the Heads-Mao Tinitus
Releases followed with these letters are from compilation albums
[a] Punk Rock From Holland, 12"
[b] Raised On Punk volume 1, 12"
[c] Springtime in Belsen, 12"
[d] Bloodstains Across Belgium II, 12"
[e] Cleveland Squawks, double CD
[f] Pogo Punks, 12"