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June 7, 1998 playlist from 12 O'Clock Rock
selections by Andrea 'Enthal

Red Monkey-Trespass
Hello I'm a Truck-Ultrasonic Cotton Candy
the Yummy Fur-Vacuum Cleaner
Maow-Just Fine
Noodle Muffin-Ape Intelligence (vocal version)
Mach Kung Fu-Chequita
25 Suaves-(cut name in Japanese, b-side of the Chinese Students Study Abroad 7")
All Scars-Where Are the Humans
Rrope-Pocket Song
the Heartworms-Parsimony
Steve Kubit-Moloch
Windsor For the Derby-Fangface
Rrope-Stop It
Cows-No I'm Not Coming Out
Don Cabellero-(no cut name found, it was cut 4 from the album What Burns Never Returns)
Matt Miller-Amazing Disgrace
Guided by Voices-(cut name not on cue sheet, from the Ptolemaic Terrascope issue #24 single)
Sprocket Wheel-72 to 73
Mach Kung Fu-Intro/Tiger Stomp
Hello I'm a Truck-Feelin' It
the Rondelles-Safety in Numbers
Noodle Muffin-Ape Intelligence (instrumental version)
the Dirty Burds-It's A Lie
Joan of Arc-(cut name not on cue sheet)
the Yummy Fur-Catholic
the Spoilers-Pump Action
Don Cabellero-(cut 5, same album as above)
Thinking Fellers Union Local 282-Everyday
Hello I'm a Truck-End of the Summer
Bantam Rooster-Garage Rapture
Sprocket Wheel-Human Face
Naked Aggression-They Can't Get Me Down
Chicka Chicka-Tighty Whitey
All Scars-the Lineage of Time/Diabolical Duality
the Jesus Lizard-Until It Stopped to Die
Rose Melberg-the Love We Could Have Had
23 Suave-Basketball is My Friend/(Japanese word) Is Very Good For Health
Corduroy-Jan Michael Vincent
Electric Frankenstein-Action High
Luv Hammer-(edit from) Cha
the Make Up-I Didn't Mean to Turn You On
Throneberry-Guerilla Skies
Transparent Thing-Saddar Bazaar
CopShootCop-Corporate Protopop
KG-Show Me Version
the Yummy Fur-St John of the Cross
Red Monkey-Teenagers R Boring