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12 O'Clock Rock playlist from June 1, 1997

Cold Cold Hearts-Maybe Scabies
Ray O Vacs-Weak Sauce
Rizzo-Rental Racoon

Refect Refect-Sue's Future
Young Marble Giants-Final Day
Colin Potter-Behind You
Sam D'Angelo-Enter Hell
the Yummy Fur-Policeman
Your Mom-Jupiter

the Royal Pendletons-Hot Rod Dissertation
Tokidoki-Sock Hop
Sleater-Kinney -One More Hour
Cows-Woman Inside

Tav Falco Panther Burns-Drop Your Mask
Lake of Dracula-Marlon Magas
Rocket From the Tombs-Life Stinks
MOTO (Masters of the Obvious)-Doing the Things We Want to Do
Able Tasmans-What Was That Thing?

the Pin Group-Hurricane Fighter Plane
Las Velmas-Stop Me Search Me
Brother JT & Vibralux-Invocation
the Buckets-Pony Express
Cold Cold Hearts-Ant Resemblence

the Spites-Stayin' Out Late at Night
New Bad Things -(untitled cut from the Off the Leash pseudo-bootleg album on the Blackbean label)
Emily's Sassy Lime-This is Where I Come In
Shove-Post Flight, Pre Trial
Nerdy Girl-Horse
Severed Heads-Eat Roland

Tullycraft-Heroes and Villains (NOT the Beach Boys song)
the Mad Scene-Waiting For the Rain
the Gories-You Little Nothing
Ray O Vacs-Snowflake
the Yummy Fur-70's
Refect Refect-Matt's Future

Bantam Rooster-Real Live Wire
Flying Luttenbachers-(no cut name evident)
Atomic Jefferson-King Anus
Bleed-Turn Me On
Aliens and Strangers-Monster Drag
Von Zippers-Mighty Red Baron
Lung Leg-Chop Chop Anne Boleyn

Meow-Kill Kill Kill
Boyracer-False Economy
MOTO -Midnight at the Guantanamo Room

the Headcoatees-the Prize