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May 31, 1998 playlist from 12 O'Clock Rock

Selections by Andrea 'Enthal

General comments for the week: With the exception of a new Mach Kung-Fu album, and Grimble Grumble 7", pickings were slim to none this week. An old (about 2 months) Yummy Fur 10" made it into town, and there were 2 compilations (noted as a & b, below) but otherwise these are all "oldies" from earlier this year with a few 7"ers thrown in from last year for variety-A.'E.

Salome-(either) Rise Up (or) Zero 2 Infinity


the Yummy Fur-Colonel Blimp

the Mooney Suzuki-A Simple Life

the Delgados-Under Canvas Under Wraps

Spy '51-Stungun

Catfight-Not in Love [a]


13 Cats-Hell Bop [b]

Mach Kung Fu-Devil's Stomp

Phantom Rockers-Vampire Love [b]

The Eyeliners-You Lose [a]

The Spoilers-Punp Action


the Yummy Fur-St. John of the Cross

Sick Bees-Come to Pray

Pere Ubu-Muddy Waters

Panities-Rule This Town (You Don't) [c]

Grimble Grumble- Fucked in the Head (an instrumental)


Electric Summer-Dizzy Chocolate/Espesso (see calendar listings for when this Japanese band is playing near you this week 6-1-98)


Electric Frankenstein-Learn to Burn (see calendar listings for when this New Jersey garage rock band is playing near you this week 6-1-98)

Summer Suns-Angel Angeline

TV Killers-Il Ne Se Passe Rien


Salome-(either) Zero 2 Infinity (or) Rise Up (depending on the title of the earlier cut we played. This is the other side of the same 7" single)

the Spiny Anteaters-Begin Again

Steve Kubit-Evidence [z]

Morella's Forest-Power of Air [d]

Earth to Nigel-Perfect Girl

the Spoilers-Lookout


Receptionists-Invisibles [e]

Beanpole-Now I Know [f]

the Kitty Vermont-Wasted Summer

the Yummy Fur-Catholic

the Hissyfits-Wish [a]

the Yummy Fur-Department


the Beautys-Small Meat Driver

Secret Cheifs 3-Waves of Blood

Mach Kung Fu-Tough Bounce

Sisters of Sharon-Cant O Roll

The Neandrathals-Too Many Nights in a Gin Mill [b]


Jason-Traeger -Open Sky [c]

MOTO (Masters of the Obvious)-Around Every Corner

Pohoda-the Rave in Sharka Park [g]

Dahlia Seed-Catholic Dress

Bees Knees-Martians Drive Mercurys/Kitten Loves Chachi

Junior Varsity-Party Tonight [a]


Ray O Vacs-50/50

Mach Kung Fu-Introduction to Mach Kung Fu


Chemo Kids-Do the Retard

C Average-(cut name not on cue sheet, from the Kill Rock Stars 7")

Reatards-Quite Alright



Ich Schwitze Nie-Les Paul (band name means "I Never Sweat," cut name is a person's name)

the No Talents-Scream

Incredible Force of Junior-Blue Cheer

Dump-the Lie

Nightcaps-You Lied

the Alkaline Trio-Snake Oil


Blue Tip-Number 2

Possum Dixon-Go West



[a] from the Girl Crazy 12" compilation

[b] from the Tigermask 12" compilation

[c] from the Selector Dub Narcotic double 12" compilation

[d] from the Alone in a Room 2, 7" compilation

[e] from the Friendly Society compilation album

[f] from the Pop Goes the World, 7" compilation

[g] from the Bless His Little Cotton Rocks, double 7" compilation

[z] exclusive to 12 O'Clock Rock, not sold in any stores