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12 O'Clock Rock playlist from May 17, 1997
the Cows-Saliva of the Fittest
Lulu's Marble-Jack the Ripper
the Screamin' Furys-383
Kodiak-Little Star
the Make Up-Untouchable Sound
the Titans-Eyeball
Parc Boys-People
Cessna-Sunday Afternoon
Musical Chairs-No, Not Yet
Lungfish-Slip of Existence
Ich Schhwitze Nie-Eine Frau ist Ein Kreis (translation, band is named I Never Sweat, cut seems to be named the Lady is a Circle, though we're not sure what the slang meaning of "circle" would be).
the Cows-Cabin Man
the Dirty Burds-It's a Lie
Lulu's Marble-Roadrunner
Leonid Soybelman-Walk on By (one of 8 different versions of the Burt Bacharach oldie. The whole album is re-interpretations and manimulations of that one song.)
One Gang Logic-Who Killed Sex
Chicka Chicka-Zizi
the Heavenly Ten Stems-China Town
Dick Johnson-Do the Trotsky
(from the album Pollo D'oro)-Bulb
Cessna-Well I Guess I Just Don't Mind
Possum Dixon-Artificial Sunlight
Hula Boy-Take These Wings
Fugazi-Break/Place Position
Ich Schwitze Nie-Les Paul
the Cows-El Shiksa
Tullycraft-Pitney Bowes
the Jesus Lizard-(cut 1, side ?-name not on cue sheet, from the Blue album)
Shy Camp-Alison Song #4
Kodiak-Emotional Rail
My Dad is Dead-Two Clean Slates
Lungfish-Pray For the Living
Don Fleming-People Wake Up and Live
Sawdust Caesars-Death of a Guru
Chika Chika-In the Weak Style
Electric Frankenstein-Out There
the Summer Suns-Turning
Rocket 455-Dog Meat
Party Boys-the Nights Are Young and the Days Are Old
the Van Pelt-Everything's Alright
Recycled Pop-No. 9