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12 O'Clock Rock playlist from May 11, 1997

Bodeco-High Window

Fireworks-Raw Deal
Thomas Jefferson slave Apartments-Baboon's Lives
Smoothies-Redneck Protest
Half Japanese-A Million Kisses *
the Gerbils-Crayon Box
Hello I'm a Truck-Bad Bad Poisonous Alien Love

Bodeco-Wicked, Mean & Evil
Nothing Painted Blue-El Nino
Hulaboy-Henry is Calling
Alec Bathgate-Happy Hound

Warm Wires-Eczema
Emma Peel-Lava Lamp
Three Years Down-Do Not Walk *
Lungfish-Tick Tock
Holly GoLightly-If I Should Ever Leave

Brickbat-A Hen, a Rooster, and a Sinner with a Lap Steel
Wat Tyler-Smells Like Dog Poo
the Gerbils-Grin
16 Deluxe-Reactive *
Built to Spill-Velvet Waltz

Suran Song-Kissing Judice
See Saw-Needle/Jeff Koons Three Way *
Liz Gizard-(cut name not on cue sheet, from a 7")

Tricycle Popstar-Peach Boys Bed Sounds
the Clean-Psychedelic Clown
Spare Snare-Thorns (One)
Volebeats-Warm Weather
Lord High Fixers-Scat Man
the Leaving Trains-Five Years Ahead of My Time *
the Mendoza Line-Seventh Round *

Mia Doi Todd-Stoke the Fire
Chris Knox-Mother
Loves Ugly Children-Personal World
LaDonnas-the End of the Devil Dogs

Brickbat-Ten on Three *
Beatmisstress-Ki Yah
Good Horsey-the Next Time
Breed 13-A Sunny Day *
Tim-Konor Blackman is Pussy Galore
Fireworks-50 Ton Highballin' Ghost

Great Brain-Half Decayed
Half Japanese-True Believers
Make Up-Gold Record Part 1
Southern Culture on the Skids-Kudzu Limbo
thee Hydrogen Terrors-Slow Class

Henry's Dress-All This Time For Nothing
Nothing Painted Blue-Let's Kiss
Jonathan Fire Eater-Cakewalk of Crime


Comment about May 11 playlist:
* What is this THING about numbers all of a sudden? Leaving out the words "half" and "nothing" I still get 9 band names or cut names with numbers in them this week. Is this the revenge of the math nerds into music, or what? -- Andrea 'Enthal