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May 10, 1998 playlist from 12 O'Clock Rock

Selections by Andrea 'Enthal

Possum Dixon-Artificial Sunlight


One Gang Logic-Who Killed Sex? [a]

Phoenix Thunderstone-Moonshine Lover

Panopoly Academy Glee Club-Camp Keep the Quiet

My Dad is Dead-Mysterious Ways [b]

The Urinals-Ack Ack Ack


Sawdust Caesers-(either) You Pigs (or) Death of a Guru

Steve Kubit-It's All Beautiful

Wire-A Question of Degree

Donovan's Brain-Follow the Shining Path

Kjetil D Brandsdal-(either) Fibo Trespo (or) Ultralyd


the Users-Vodka Wisconsin Orgy

Masonics-the Mowhawks

Baby Snufkin-Sally


London FX-Orders [a]

The Long Pig-Why Do People Find Each Other Strange?


Hoes This High-the Nose One [a]


the Queers-Everything's OK

the Donnas-Wig Wam Bam

Bangs-Vintage Piranha

Speedball Baby-Pin Up Cowboy

Digger-Benner Has No Soul

Classy Punk-Sabre Dance


Caustic Resin-Station

Transformer Lootbag-Full Time Neat Guy Plan

Bantam Rooster-Garage Rapture

Spelling Missteaks-Pop Star [a]

Sawdust Caesers (either) Death of a Guru (or) You Pigs

Bette Davis and the Balconettes-God of Hate

Sarge-Dear Josie, Love Robyn

Donovan's Brain-Heavy Water


Trash-Telecom South

Baby Snufkin-Sweet Thang

Love Child-Stumbling Block

Trunk Federation-Apples


le Shok-Glitz & Glamour

Speedbuggy-I Saw the Light

Big Black-Kerosene

Kerosene 454-Automatic

The Shins-We Built a Raft and we Floated

The Petticoats-Normal


Pere Ubu-Wheelhouse

Possum Dixon-Emergency's About to End


Secret Chiefs 3-Waves of Blood



Bartlebees-Nobody's Lonesome For Me


Source information:

Cuts marked with these letters were from the following compilations

[a] Killed By Death, English DIY volume

[b] Cleveland Squawks