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Playlist from the May 4, 1997 edition of 12 O'Clock Rock

Lazy Cowgirls-Route 66
New Bomb Turks-Professional Againster
the Vindictives-No Feelings (five inch vinyl single)

Meowch-Rexdale Fleamarket
the Dwarves-One Life to Live
Yo La Tengo-Little Honda
Superstar Disco Club-Pop Song
Jetenderpaul-Word Perfect Gigolo
Dee Rangers-Leave My Bottle Alone
the Fells-In My Head

Daviess County Panthers-Enola
Dame Darcy-the Devil Made Her Do It
D Plus-Book
Flying Tigers-No Reply
Pizzicato Five-Airplane 96
the 5,6,7,8's-Jump Jack Jump

White Hassle-Let Me Drive Your Car
Bantam Rooster-Garage Rapture
Lazy Cowgirls-I'll Tell You Why

Hot Damn-Beaver Shot
the Dropouts-Turn Me On
Murder City Devils-Johnny Thunders
Candy 500-Boiling Hot Velvety Stuff
Jon Spencer Blues Explosion-Judah Love Theme (winner of the worst cover art award, not for the design of the cover--which is admittedly kinda boring--but for the execution: they managed to spell the band name wrong on the sleeve!)

Easter Monkeys-Nailed to the Cross
Toof-Miss Thing
the Girls-These Things
Illyah Kuryahkin-Takin' A Train

Karp-We Ate Sand
Shove-Pitt School
Cap'n Jazz-Que Suerte
Wellwater Conspiracy-(side 2, cut 4 of their album)
Down MF-Trickle Down
Snapper-Killzone 44
the Grifters-Organ Grinder

La Secta-Absenta
Superstar Disco Club-Nehelejenhatu
Pizzicato 5-Chicken Curry
Sunnychar-You're My Battery

Candy Machine-Instamatic
Spare Snare-Indie Kid Suck
Man or Astroman-the Miracle of Genuine Purex
Toenut-Danger Humans Approach
Daviess County Panthers-the Weaker Sex

Regulator Watts-(no cut names offered so you can name it yourself)
Kent 3-Factory Row
Fluf-TV Anthem
the Dropouts-I'm the One
Von Zippers-Fish

Jetenderpaul-Bob's Favorite
Like Swimming-Swing It Low
Snowpony-Come Sit Here on Your Daddy's Knee
D Plus-Heatherwood
Warmers-Occupation: Fish