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12 O'Clock Rock playlist from April 27, 1997

Ash County Buggers-Acheiver

Red Aunts-Who
the Kent 3-By Heading East
the Necessary Evils-Thrill Pill

Monade-Sunrise Telling
Edsel-Perelied Like a Parasite/Bela's Device
the Grifters-Wicked Thing
Spent-Brighter Than Day
Maxiwagon-Buzz Aldrin
Lungfish-cut 4, side ? of the Indivisible album

Magnet-Don't be a Penguin
1000X-the Miracle of...
Henri-Circus Boy's Revenge
Irving Klaw Trio-Honduran Death Bout

the Continental Co-ets-Let's Live For the Present
Shove-John Lyons 8 Track Machine
Buglite-Today's the Day
the Kent 3-Strangers (High Fiving in the Streets)
Skyscraper-Fuck Off

Earth to Nigel-Goliath
Cap'n Jazz-Little League
1000X-Like a Giant Microwave
Fluf-the Chooser

Clawhammer-Hind Sight
Tanger-Gary AZ
Speed King-Sky King
the Kent 3-Stories of the New West

Constant Comment-Fire Crasher
Names For Pebbles-Under My Blanket
Semi Gloss- Organ Grinder
Verbena-the Desert

Chumba Jumbvo & the Furry Love-Big Red Shoelace
the Necessary Evils-Twist, Grind, Rock 'n' Burn
Edsel-Thinner Than Thin

the Ton Ups-Howschow
Scott Bond-Bond Boogie
1000X-(can't read gray on gray sleeve contents)
the Masonics-the Earl of Hell
Walking Abortions-Armies of Jesus
the Van Pelt-Yamato (Where People Really Die)

the Need-Jacky O Lantern