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April 26, 1998 playlist from 12 O'Clock Rock

selections by Andrea 'Enthal

the Jesus Lizard-I Can Learn


Gem-the Useful Thousands

Transformer Lootbag-That's Why, Me Too

Ninewood-Pancake Breakfast

the Wicked Farleys-Fitchburg MA

My Dad is Dead-Mysterious Ways

Possum Dixon-Artificial Sunlight



Ugly Beauty-Next to Me


Fuck-Mighty Mouse, Sir

the Jesus Lizard-Needles For Teeth

Einstein's Secret Orchestra-Sounds of Silence (a rather noisy version of the composition made famous by Simon & Garfunkel)


BL Stryker-Uno

the Blackmonkeys-Useless Man

Secret Cheifs 3-Waves of Blood


Rollercoaster-Jonathan Richman

the No Talents-Quelle Crise Betsy

the Donnas-Wig Wam Bam

the Downside Special-Mercury Millie

Luna-Dance With Me


Einstein's Secret Orchestra-I'm a Clone

Ninewood-New Can of Ice

Transformer Lootbag-Full Time Neat Guy Plan


Secret Cheifs 3-Broken Glass Hearse

Quazi Modo-Electric Chair

Possum Dixon-Go West

Home and Garden-Fence


the Jesus Lizard-Horse Doctor Man

Red Giant-Pervert

Transformer Lootbag-Usable Square Footage

Biblical Proof of UFO's-Axial Tilt

Cruel, Cruel Moon-Acid Kiss


Gem-Court Me Slow

Possum Dixon-Emergency About to End

L'age D'or-Du Bist Immer Fur Mich Da/Vier Geschichten von Dir

Wake Ooloo-Astral Plane


Sportsguitar-Romeo Goes

the Masonics-Little Hooky Waller

Groovie Ghoulies-Funny Funny

Kerosine 454-Upside Down

Ham Steak-the Happy Man Comes

Panda-Ninny Cake Bake


Pell Mell-Cloverleaf