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12 O'Clock Rock playlist from April 6, 1997

Charlie McAlister-More Than Wheelz
Blairmailer-Five Percent

Charming Hostess-Dali Tzeeni
Wellwater Conspiracy-Shel Talay
Girls Against Boys-Kill the Bassplayer
Idiot Flesh-Teen Devil Worshipper (3)
Dump-the Lie
Bis-I'll Get You Back

Salaryman-Burning at the Stake (3)
Ninotchka-I've Got Wings
Snapper-Killzone (3)
Earth to Nigel-Perfect Girl
Names For Pebbles-Under My Blanket
Ruby Falls-Dusty

Cough Suppressant Alcoholics-Metal is Not Dead (1)
Chumba Jumbo & the Furry Love-Blues For Bastet (2)
the Barrow Pigs-Five Pound Ten
Loud Machine 0.5-Mind Chemistry
the Masonics-Earl of Hell (3)

Blag Dahlia-Surfing the Intercourse Barn (4)
the Greys-I'm Sorry
Nerve Breakers-the Good, the Bad, & the Ugly theme
Motherfucker 666-Celluloid Heros (the Kinks song)(5)
Assasination Bureau-51 Crazy Zone

3RA1N1AC-Fresh New Eyes
Nova Scotia-Poised in the Woods Looking Like a Tree/Socially Stunted
Tummy Ache-Some Sad Words
Fuck-Dawnji Poo (6)
Cap'n Jazz-Oh Messy Life/Puddle Splasher
Bob Tilton-Be My Valentine
Run On-Something Sweet
Rube Wadell-Go to Satan (3)

Pram-60 Years of Telephony
Kelley Deal 6000-Trixie Delicious
Alchemists-Dust Devil
Todos tus Muertos-Torquenada
Chrome-Torque Pound
the Huns-You're a Loser
Dr. Bob's Nightmare-Theo Rock
King James Version-Hell's Eggs (3)

NOTES/COMMENTS by producer Andrea 'Enthal):
(1) And this is not metal. It's an artfully damaged noiserock that I like a lot. No resemblence to AC DC or Black Sabbath.
(2) A pop symphony for musicians and cats! Both sides of this seven-incher use cat howls as part of the music. Though I can see visions of the jingle bell dogs passing through your head as you read that, I can assure you there is no resemblence. This isn't cutesy poo novelty stuff.
(3) What is all this devil/burning/killing/Hell imagery in the music this week? Is it being caused by comet Hale-Bop? Maybe it's the result of too much exposure to Baby Bop.
(4) A cut rated NC-17 if ever I heard one--and there's not one dirty word in the bunch. Gives evidence to how silly KPFK's "no shit, fuck, tit, etc. policy is. This track is far "dirtier" than any dirty words.
(5) An example of what I'm talking about in comment 4 is right here. Station won't let me say the band name on the air. Had to call them Mothertrucker 666. Yet, I can play all of Blag Dahlia. You figure that one out.
(6) And yup, they got called Truck on the air.