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April 5, 1997 playlist from 12 O'Clock Rock

Selections by Andrea 'Enthal

the Get Hustle-Darkest Peru


Confetti-Anyone Can Make a Mistake [e]

Sweetbelly Freakdown-Chimi Chonger [a]

Dripping Lips-Push Push [e]

the Make-Up - I've Heard About Saturday Night

the Stigmatics-Homesickness [e]


the Lears-Electric Mushroom Voyage

Libido-In My Shadow [d] [e]

Head and the Hares-Tomorrow Never Ends

Blue Tip-No. 2 [f][e]

Arab on Radar-Swimming With a Hard On [e]

Prljavo Kazaliste-Moj Je Otac Bio U Ratu [c]

Skams-Konfirmatione [c]


Blue Tip-No. 2 [f] [e]


the Doleful Lions-Hang Around Your Head [e]

the Make Up -Live in the Rhythm Hive

Melt Banana-Last Finger Split [g]


Von Gam-Hasse Parasit/Mode [c]

Sleepy Sleeper-Anarkiaa Kajalassa [c]

Fort & Gaeli-NSB/Enveiskommunikasjon [c]

Rattlers-Meilla Onyhteinen Tuleveissus [c]

Sterke Svakheter-Trodde vi Hadde Demkati [c]

Wild Youth-Radio Youth [c]


Blue Tip-Japan [a]

Green Pajamas-Sister Anne


Kerosine 454-Upside Down [a]

Neutral Milk Hotel-Oh Comely/Ghost

Blue Tip-52 Girls [a]

Kerosine 454-Man in a Trap [a]


Pizzacato Five-Twiggy Twiggy/Twiggy vs James Bond [e]


Knit Seperates-In Your Heart [e]

Crumpler-Distance the Line [e]

Swizzle-Bliss [e]

Rock A Teens-Ether Sunday [e]

Prisonshake-Kick Up Your Heels [e]

Pink Kross-Tension Toy [e]

Prop Sack-Aujoud D'hui [b]


Big Drag-She Drives Me Crazy [e]

Stalin-(cut name in Japanese) [b]


Ui-the Fortunate One Knows No Anxiety

--- --- ---


[a] From the compilation album Touring Japan

[b] From the compilation album Killed By Death vol 22

[c] From the compilation albums Killed By Death volumes 40 & 41

[d] From the compilation 7" set- Bless His Little Cotton Rocks

[e] these were 7" singles

[f] Yes, this was aired twice. Reason: the transmitter had problems during its first airing and burried it in a pile of static blurtings.

[g] this was a 5" vinyl single-NOT a cd