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March 29 1998 playlist from 12 O'Clock Rock

selections by Max Hechter (substituting for the vacationing Andrea 'Enthal this week)

Bob Segel-Heavy Music

Bobbyteens-I Wanna Go Round

Field Mice-Sensitive

Six by Seven-This Town

Hormones-Stay Ahead

Clinic-Monkey on Your Back

Hybirds-Born Yesterday

Helen Love-Does Your Heart Go Bam

Cornelius-NW Music Machine

13th Floor Elevators-Wait For My Love

David Holmes-Don't Lie

Buzzcocks-Ever Fallen

Komeda-Boogie Woogie/RnR

Wedding Present-Dalliance

Commercials-When I Saw Her Face


Dymaxion-Ant'lrd Ally


Francoiz Breut-Le Nord

Kalfon Roc Chaud-Camion

Idlewild-Satan Polaroid

Selwyn-Easy For You

Fridge-Must Be Magic

Snapper-Hang On

Chills (cut name not on cue sheet)

Michael Head-(cut name not on cue sheet)


Babylon Dance Band-When I'm Home

Kids-I Wanna Job in the City

Wireless-See Emily Play

Chosen Few-Taloiga

Hybirds-See Me Through

Cuckooland-Oh Boy



Primal Scream-Darklands

Johan-Everybody Knows

Green-Not Going Down

Alarm Clocks-Reason to Complain

Frances Gall-Laisse Tomber les Filles

Vulgar Boatmen-You're the One

Fly on the Wall-Lucky Ones

VMI-(cut name not on cue sheet)

Johnny Powers-Long Blonde Hair

Cock Sparrer-Where Are They

Wire-Outdoor Miner

Ui lab-St Elmo's Fire

Minus 5-Boeing Spacearium

Ditalians-I Gotta Go

Outcasts-Love is for Never

Tubetop-If I Were You



Max's handwriting transcribed by Andrea 'Enthal who made plenty of errors we're sure. The question is, which letters are in error? That's for you to guess.