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12 O'Clock Rock playlist

from March 22, 1998

Selections by Andrea 'Enthal

Otto-Hot Shoes


Doormats-Whip Me With Your Bible Belt

Come-Jam Blues

Get Hustle-Sangre del Toro

Sea Tiger-MV

the Faint-Lullaby for the (that's all the cut name there is, not a typo on my part--'Enthal)/Acting on Campus Television

Get Hustle-Charles Bronson/Lost Lady

Tullycraft-8 Great Ways/Belinda


Clag-Fresh [A]

the No No's-New Species Anthem

B'ehlSwim By [A]

the Kiss Offs-sister, Those Cigarettes

Thee Psychic Heads-(uhh, beats me what the cut name is. Possibly Airbourne Virus because that's written on the matrix groove. This is a black record with two plain blank black labels in a sleeve with only the band name. Name it yourself. The band doesn't seem to care enough to let us know the cut name they use.--'Enthal)

Bimbo Toolshed-TV [B]

the Dipshits-Kill Yourself (cover version of a Lewd song)


Perils of Pauline-Sunday Matinee [C]

Pavo-Will You Call Me Captain?

the Sunbirds-Rocket [C]



Kincaid-MMR [C]

Dragus-Atom Eve

Boy Crazy-La Primavera [D]

Lync-Silver Spoon Glasses

Tullycraft-Ticket Tonight [D]


V3-(track from the Pimping in the 90's album, no cut name apparent)

Servotron-(cut 1 from the b-side of the album)


Tizzy-I've Done Everything For You [D] (Rick Springfield made the original famous but this version is all but unrecognizable as the old song of his)

Severna Park-Worms [C]


I V League-Lies

the No No's-Stargate in A

the Trouble With Larry-Unclean


the Faint-Perpetrators of Uncommon Death

the Kiss Offs-Bottle Blonde


the Mutes-CD ROM [A]

Sea Tiger-Sea Tiger Theme

the Ladybug Transistor-the Swedish Libra and You Three

the Trouble With Larry-Rock & Roll Asshole

B-Movie Rats- 57 Chevy

the Splash 4-Know It All Doll


Snubnose-Watching You [B]

Kerosine 454-Negatives

Gladrub-Yet More [A]

Neutral Milk Hotel-Ghost

Admiral-Silver Apple Skies [C]

Tullycraft-Vacation in Christine ND


Thee Psychic Hearts-(other black-labeled side of same 7" heard earlier)

Servotron-Join the Evolution

Chrome-Dragon Slayer

Supercool-Sacred Tinfoil Cross [A]

Three Finger Cowboy-Honesty Honesty[C]

Dragus-Cara Y


Paul Nini and His Orchestra-Chinese Noodles


NOTES-- If looking to find the tracks heard on this week's program, you will not find them by looking for the band by name. That's because the cuts marked A-D are from the following compilation albums

[A] I Am Shorter Than You Are Taller

[B] Bay Area Checking In With the World

[C] Lemon Lime 2

[D] We Can Still Be Friends