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12 O'Clock Rock playlist from March 16, 1997

Jackdaw With Crowbar-the Night Albania Fell on Alabama
Pere Ubu-Cloud 149
Primevils-Hammer Yourself Senseless
RL Burnside-Four Women *
Zen Guerilla-Chicken Scratch *
the Buckets-Pony Express *
Double Nelson-DC One (Doone?--can't read the writng on the cover) *
Run On-As Good As New *
Lutefisk-Something In It *
the Make Up-Don't Tell It Like It Is, Tell It Like It Will Be (winner, longest cut name of the month) *
Pizzacato Five-Speciale Samdan Attorney Mix *
Plastic Bertrand-Naif Song
the Headcoatees-Ca Plane Pour Moi *
Loli & the Chones-Nazi Death Camp/Drop Out
Trunk Federation-Sweetbread Viscera
the Three Peeps-Mr. Spaceman *
Kendra Smith-Stars Are In Your Eyes
the Spikes-A Bloody Mess
Roky Erickson & the Aliens- Two Headed Dog
Lutefisk-Burn and Rob *
Executive Slacks-Our Lady
La Peste- Color Scheme
Eternal Scream- Action in My Life
Double Nelson-Edward Sutrton Davis *
Bloodless Pharaohs-Industrial Nancy *
the Twisted-Sheez Wycked
the Extremes-Explode
Fantasy Mission Force-Soapbox *
n.i.l.8 -Heatmiser *
57 Lesbian- Got My Own *
Nomads- Graveyard *
Sofisticados- Groovy *
Lutefisk - Rebel Girl *
Half Japanese-C'mon Baby *
the Snow Queen-West Tone *
Alec Bathgate-Pet Hates
the Delta 72 -Rich Girls Like to Steal
Bis-Conspiracy A Go Go
99 - Timer
the Great Unraveling - Demons Under *
Dura Delinquent - All Lushed Up
Mach 5 - Sunday's Here *
the Delgados- Under Canvas
the Bonnot Gang-Wolves
Teen Titans -We're the Wildcats/Flying Cobras
Loli & the Chones- I Hate Your Guts *
Scritti Politti-Skank Bloc Bologna
Cold Cold Hearts-Yer So Sweet
Sportsguitar (cut name not on cue sheet)

Due to the unwillingness of 1997 to really get started, many releases on this show are archive material. * indicates a new release.