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March 15, 1998 playlist from 12 O'Clock Rock

Nomads-Lets Go to the Dragstrip (A)

the Demonics-Demon Garage (A)

the Splash Four-Nut Cop (A)


Sick Bees-Push

Trunk Federation-Magnifico the Magician

Murder City Devils-Dancing Shoes

Tuscadero-Tickled Pink

Tullycraft-Crush This Town


the Mooney Suzuki-Simple Life

HRDR-Visions of Spirits

Hard Skin-Hard Skin

TV Killers-You Kill Me

Bald Guys-Fortune Teller

Neutral Milk Hotel-Ten

Roger Nusic-Alien Love (B)


Trunk Federation-I Don't Like Mondays (a nearly unrecognizable rework of the Boomtown Rats song)

Mars Accelerator-Loro M

Seagull Scraming Kiss Her Kiss Her-Wake up Noon (NOTE: This Japanese band will be playing at Spaceland in Silverlake on Tues March 17, Go see them!)

Grandaddy-I'm in Love With No One (C )

Kickstand-Flying Saucers Are Real (B)

Morella's Forest-Power of Air (C )


Trunk Federation-Providence

Neutral Milk Hotel-the King of Carrot Flowers

Nightcaps-You Lied

los Straightjackets-Kawanga

Boss Martians-Evans Bossa Nova (whioch isn't a bossa nova at all, it's a surf instrumental)

3rd Grade Teacher-Don't Want It


Spiny Anteaters-Begin Again


Chrome-Oh Dahmer (B)(Most humorous record of the week. A song about Jeffrey Dahmer set to the fifties oldie tune of "Oh Donna")

Spiny Anteaters-Mr Sun

Brilliantine-Paranormal Preamble Song #57 (B)

Nightcaps-the Last of the Secret Agents

PeeChees-You Are Not (A)

TV Killers-Il Ne Se Passe Rien

HRDR-Yer Ass is Grass/Dishes Are Done

Murder City Devils-Tokyo Gold



Sick Bees-Corn

Trunk Federation-Apples

the Mooney Suzuki-Taking Me Apart

Greg Oblivian and the Tip Tops-Pretty Baby



Spiny Anteaters-Saltines

Neutral Milk Hotel-(no cut name on cue sheet, bagpipe bit from In the Aeroplanes Over the Sea album)

Kerosine 454-Anti-Magnet

Bald Guys-Old Atlantis Town

Halo Benders-Do That Thing

Buzzcocks-Somethings Gone Wrong Again (1979)


Jetlag-100% Soap

the Bobbyteens-I Wanna Go Round

TV Killers-Closer

the Get-Go - Jittery

the Sick Bees-Come to Pray


3rd Grade Teacher-Cinnamon


Tullycraft-the Lives of Cleopatra/Bee Sting Stings


SOURCE INFORMATION: The following tracks can not be found by looking for the band by name. They are from compilations as noted:

A-Gearhead and Lookout presents All Punk Rods

B-Letters to Aliens

C-Alone in a Room 2 (7" from Snack Cake fanzine)