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Playlist from March 8 1998

12 O'Clock Rock

Danielle Dax-Evil Honky Stomp

The Necessary Evils-Youve Got to Lose


Richmond Fontaine-Hardly Seen

Pip Proud and Alastair Galbraith-Hey Gus

Sunset Valley-In Potato Vodka Spiral

Kerosine 454-Automatic

Uphollow-An Excerpt From an Imaginary Life


Cletus-Amy Left Me For Some Emo Guy

Bobbyteens-Young & Crazy

The Hellacopters-Tilt City

(Cut name not on cue sheet, face side of label, cut 2 from the Compilation album Marcs a Dick and Gars a Drunk


The Humpers-Dummy Got a Hunch


Madigan-Backseat Buoy

Kleenex Girl Wonder-Frustration Regarding Bedlam on the Sidewalk

Dymaxion-??? (That IS the cut name, the three question marks, not an editorial comment)

The Hal Al Shedad-Local Seeing

Jr High-Walk Like a Man



Clock DVA-Youre Without Sound (1980)

Godzuki-Your Future

The Jigsaw Seen-Persephone Again


Snapper-Death and Weirdness in the Surfing Zone

Steve Kubit-the Geek of Anger

Ray O Vacs-Come Over


The Lassie Foundation-Save Yourself and Watch You Win

Sonic Youth /Jim ORourke-(Edit from the spiral-labeled side of the third release of their instrumentals only series. This is the black cover album)


Third Grade Teacher-Cinnamon


Brian Jonestown Massacre-Crushed

Clawhammer-Each Hit

Saccharine Trust-A Christmas Cry

Sunset Valley-Skylab Love Scene

Dymaxion-i Man Transport


Kerosine 454-Heroes


Third Grade Teacher-Ow Ow Ow

Killer Barbies-the Phone


Small Stars-Santa Barbara

Love as Laughter-Puget Sound Sanitation

Rocket 455-Thats All You Get

Deep Reduction-Black Tulip

The 5,6,7,8s-Pinheel Stomp


Pip Proud and Alastair Galbraith-(other side of Hey Gus 7")

Pinkie-March of the Pinkies

Godzuki-Our Bears Electric? (Question mark is part of title)