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12 O'Clock Rock playlist from March 2, 1997

UK Subs-Dublane

Dwarves-You Gotta Burn
COA-Man in the Park (Japanese release)
Murphy's Law-Tea Time (Japanese release)
Thinking Fellers Union Local 282-the Kids Are in the Mud (Japanese release)

Bailter Space-Capsul
Holly GoLightly-(It's) Too Late Now
Disease-Psychobin (1980 release)
Mission of Burma-Peking Spring (1979 release)
U Men-Papa Doesn't Love His Children Anymore (1988)

the Damned-Smash It Up
Jeremy Enigk-Carnival
the Monorchid-Chompers
White Kaps-Baby Bottle

the 012-Asbestos Lead Asbestos
Machine Gun TV- Punk
Holly GoLightly-Believe Me
Helldorado-Jesco Way
the Grabbers-How Long Do You Wanna Live?
Glue Gun-Self Respect

Jackass-Freaks Magazine
Tall Dwarfs- Green Green Grass of someone Else's Home
Brian Ritchie-Mayerling, Let's Drink Some Wine
Strapping Field Hands-Neptune's World

Kise-slop My Donkey
Large Hardware-Hardrap
Glue Gun-Skate the Haight
the Monorchid-Dead Signal
Machine Gun TV-Baby Animal (Japanese band)
Tullycraft-Bailey Park

Arab Strap-Small Word
Fatal Microbes-Violence Grows
Clock DVA-You're Without Sound
Red Crayola-Hurricane Fighter Plane
Comsat Angels-Ju Ju Money
White Kaps-Kids Song

Helldorado-Mexico Bound
COA-No Way (Japanese band)
Pop Sociologists-Doo Vah
Faxed Head-the Four Freshmen (Japanese release)

Auntie Christ-Bad Trip (contains the classic car line "there's an Edsel in my Nissan". As an Edsel owner I can assure you, there's no Nissan in my Edsel, not even a Nissan on my driveway behind my Edsel)
Crispy Nuts- (cut 1 "another side" on the Cowpat 7", name not on cue sheet)
Drunk in Public-Cowboy Blues
Girl Trouble-Scorpio 9
UK Subs-My Little Black Book

Action Slacks-This