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12 O'Clock Rock playlist from February 23 1997

Sexton Ming & Diamond Gussets-YMAH (A)
Sportsguitar-(cut 9 from the current album on the Derrivative label)
Cee Bee Beaumont-Led Pedal (A)
Bailter Space-At Five
Trunk Federation-Turtle II
Red Red Meat-Just Like an Egg on Stilts *

Longstocking-Equator *
the Warmers-Occupation: Fish
Sticky Filth-Smile (1990, New Zealand)
thee Hydrogen Terrors-Slow Class

99- What Happened to That Lady *
Tall Dwarfs-Swan Song
Hello I'm a Truck-Bad Bad Poisonous Alien Love
Jack Oblivian-Hustler
Old Hicory-J Ashanti *
Swell-Bong Star *

99- Chapter 99 *
the Delta 72-Got a Train to Catch
Ballgagger-Standing in Front of Poseur *
Bookmobile-Sensationalism *
Lugworm-Barmitzvah *
Pendulum Floors-Doc Schmidt * (B)
the Shadow Ring-Back Combed Lines (B) *
Evergreen-the Queen Song

Toenut-Danger Humans Approach
Lincoln/Stewart- Scenesters, Hipsters, Teenstars and Fakers
Kenickie-Come Out 2Nite
Dahlia Seed- (cut name not on cue sheet, or sleeve, or label)
Holly GoLightly-If I Should Ever Leave
Flathead-Here Comes the Zombie

Jeremy Engick -Carnival

Cosmic Psychos-I Shot the Cat
At the Drive In-Instigate the Role

Red Red Meat-Bury Me *
Karp-We Ate Sand
Vampire Lezbos-We're the Men in Black *
Wharton Tiers-Heat Seeker
Wade Curtiss & the Rhythm Rockers-Puddy Cat

Brianiac-Fancy Neckwear
the Kent 3-Satellite
Motor Boys Motor-Drive Friendly (1981)
Dawson-Whistle Shunt Symmetry
the Bassholes-A Lion's share
the Abraham Lincolns-Deathwatch
the Motards-Put Me Down

Swandive-Photo Song
Teensy Weensy Operator-20 Mule Team Canyon
the Trip-Help Me

Pulsars-Owed to a devil
Formica 2000-Johnny & Anita

Treiops Treyfid-Stolen Face/Before Color Code
Supersport 2000-Pinkslip
Spare Snare-Indiekidsuck
Vampire Lezbos-Tumor *
Turkish Delight-Spin

* at the end of a line indicates it is a new record this week
(A) from the 12" compilation album: Hey Mom! the Garage is on My Foot
(B) Breaking the Plastic Hymen vol 2