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February 22, 1998 playlist from 12 O'Clock Rock

the Jesus Lizard-Cold Water


the Get Go-Jittery

Queen Cobra-Shake Your Booty (A)

Felix Frump-Grandpa Was Punk Rock (B)

Snout-Pocket Equine Friend (A)

Buford-Lunch Line, Noontime Stories (B)



Love as Laughter-Old Glory

the Jesus Lizard-Inflicted by Hounds

A Minor Forest-John Gets Leftovers Again (A)

Halo Benders-Rebels Got a Hole in It

Dillinger Four-Fuck You Ms Rochelle

the Basement Brats-You've Got Me Shaking/Get Down


Holly Golightly-the Ride/Troubles on My Mind

Love as Laughter-Slow Blues Fever

the Get Go-Transistor Kisses

Dead Moon-Killing Me

Hert-07649 (B)

Dillinger Four-Thanks For Nothing


Delta 72-Introduction/On the Lam

the Jesus Lizard-Eyesore

Teen Angel-Female Problems ( C)

the Donnas-Wanna Get Some Stuff

Ray O Vacs-50/50

Love as Laughter-Phobias


the Spikes-A Bloody Mess


the Jesus Lizard-Valentine/Needles For Teeth

the Halo Benders-Turn It My Way

Love as Laughter-Vacation

Barbara Manning-Evil Craves Attention/Our Son/10x10


the Nimrods-Evil Genius (B)

the Basement Brats Feel Alright

Moxie-Stevie (A)

Shellac-Rush Job

Corduroy-I'll Get Around to It (A)

the Motards-Misanthrope

the Krinkles-Feelin' Like a Crustacean

B Movie Rats-Uncle Jack's Daddy


Fly Ashtray-Dinge Rock Manifesto

Portastatic-Too Close to the Screen

Holly Golightly-Look For Me Baby

Picasso Trigger-Red Headed Retard

the Heads-Mao Tinitus


Jad Fair-From Where I Stood I Could See the Shape That Once Was Formless Take on the Characteristics of a Huamn Being... (the song title goes on for paragraphs but I'm not copying the WHOLE thing here--Andrea 'Enthal)

Denis Defrage-Sector Wars



Ralph Carney & David Thomas-Sunset in Hibernia



Those releases which can not be found by asking for the artist by name come from the following :

A) Cool Beans #8, compilation inside Cool Beans fanzine

B) More Kaos, compilation

C) This is Harrisburg, Not Topeka compilation