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12 O'Clock Rock playlist from February 16, 1997

Mirrors-She Smiled Wild (1977)
the Delgados-4th Channel
Tall Dwarfs-Pull the Thread (and Unravel Me)
Oiler-X-mas (A)
the 20 Second Sect-Get That Charge (1988)
Frightwig-I'll Talk to You and Smile (1985)

the Work-I Hate America (1981)
Another Girl-Holiday
Dumbwaiters-Kick Aside the Meat
Jack Oblivion-Got the Funky Blues
La Sect Ropugue-Zombie Bar-B-Q (1986)
Jeffrey Lee Pierce-Love and Desperation (1985)

Takako Minekawa-Turn Table Tennis
Gritty Kitty-Spica
Marbles-Hidden Curtain
Girl Trouble-Baby (You've Got What It Takes)
the Delgados-Big Business in Europe

Smack-(label side, cut 1, Brazilan band, not the US band of the same name, 1985)
Tanner-TV Casualties (B)
Easter Monkeys-Nailed to the Cross (1991)
Nation of Ulysses-Ulythium
Hugh Beaumont Experience-I Don't Wanna Go to Bellvue/Eric's On Thorazine (1982 recordings, 1993 release)

Monomen-Kick Out the Jams
Ian List & the UV's-Mexican Earthshake (1989)
the Girls-Women (1986 release)
Takako Minekawa-Sleep Song
Moxa-Willian Fall

Bells Of-Indifferent Smile (C)
Tall Dwarfs-They Like You Undone/the Green Green Grass of Someone Elese's Home/the Severed Head of Julio
Jack Oblivion-American Slang
the Humpers-Plastique Valentine
Showcase Showdown-Ho Ho Ho Chi Minh
DOA-Nazi Training Camp (reissue of earlier release)

Tuscadero-the Teenbeat Song (C)
Monster Zero-Bloodbath at Disneyland (cut name of the week, alas, it's an instrumental!)
Moles-Breathe Me In (1991)
Another Girl-Growing Gold
the Fizzbombs-Sign on the Line (1987)
Vice Cersa-Genetic Warfare (1980)
Thomas Leer-Private Plane (1978)
Halo Benders-Don't Touch My Bikini (1994)

Pavement-Conduit For Sale/Flame Thrower (D)
Prong-London Dungeon (B)
Jack Oblivion-Robot Lover
Chrome Cranks-Comeback

Southern Culture on the Skids-I Dig Tunnels (1985)
Bingo Trappers-King in Exile
Las Sect Rougue-Bin Thinkin'
the Lizard Train-Explosion in a Room (1986)

Schwartzeneggr-(cut name not on cue sheet, from a 1995 7")

A-KXLU compilation
B-Violent World compilation (all Misfits coivers)
C-Teenbeat 1997 sampler compilation
D-From the Bootleg: Stray Slack, About as Valid as a Record Contract