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February 15 playlist from 12 O'clock Rock


Love as Laughter-(cut name not on cue sheet 'cause it's not on lrecord abel)

Sarah White-Halloween


June Panic-Golden Bruise

Lil Ruby G & the Chizmosos-Chupa Casa

the Splash 4-Haine Haine Haine (from the Carbon 14 fanzine compilation)

the Ray O Vacs-50/50

the Double-Splice Edit Frame


Halo Benders-Around the Fountain

Track Star-Removable Parts


Helios Creed-Pissing on the Produce

Ray O Vacs-Come Over

the Curious Digit-Who Most Resembles the Desperate


Knitting by Twilight-Splinter

Men's Recovery Project-Undigested Food/My Body is a Jerk

Acrobat Down-Last Stand Of the Soccer Moms


Track Star-the View From Space

Halo Benders-Bury Me

Todos Tus Muertos-Demasiado Revueltos

Chrome-Dragon Slayer

Hai Karate-Long on Love

Hammerlock-Take Me Down the Road

Hai Karate-Hot Potato


the Ray O Vacs-Valentine


Tren Brothers-Gone Away

Pennsy's Electric-Conflict with Blocs of the Citizenry

the Double- Stereo Type Presses


Sleestak-(cut name not apparent from record. This is from the split 7" with Lil Rudy G)


Godzuki-Trail of the Lonesome Pine

Ray O vacs-Hair Puller

the Donnas-Lookin' For Blood

Hammerlock-I Shot My Baby

Todos Tus Muertos-El Feretro

Hai Karate-Don't Wanna

Guitar Wolf-(cut name not on cue sheet)


Sarah White-(cut 15, name not on cue sheet)

Goodnite Moon-Tummysuck

Love As Laughter (cut name not on cue sheet for the same reason as their earlier cut name)

Knitting by Twilight-Talk of Trust

June of 44-Cut Your Face

Olivia Tremor Control-Memories of Jacqueline 1906

Miss Murgatroid-Shadows on My Wall

Moped-Quote Me (funny name for an instrumental)



Witchypoo-Freeze Dried (My Life in the Biz)

Men's Recovery Project-Get Your Dick Out of My Food

Toenut-Danger Humans Approach

the Pleasure Fuckers-That Magic Kiss


CopShootCop-Corporate Protopop

Dumbwaiters-Kick Aside the Meat

the Bleeders-Let's Drag

*** *** ***