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12 O'Clock Rock playlist from February 9 1997

Delta 72-Get Down
Travis Cut-Stranglehold
the Viletones-Screamin' Fist

Long Hind Legs-Alphabets of Unreason
Regulator Watts-New Low Moline
Shellac-the Rambler Song
King Friday-North Carolina
Chrome Cranks-Wayout Lover

Long Hind Legs-Passion For Passion
Eggplant-No, I Need the Change
the Minders-Sally

Speed Duster-Birmingham
Big Foot Chaster-Harpoon Man
Lunkheads-Louie Oom Mow Mow
the La Donnas-Long Legs
the Donnas-We Don't Go
the Make Up-(Here Comes) the Judge

the Need-96 Needles
Eggplant-No Hard Feelings
Cuckooland-Oh Boy
Ovarian Trolley-Pockets

the Shebrews-Leave All Your Old Loves
Ambush-(cut name not on cue sheet)
DiskothiQ-(cut name not on cue sheet)
Arkansaw Man-the Ballroom Song

Whatever-Section 12
the Viletones-Rebel
Tizzy-Betty vs Veronica
Lilys-Returns Every Morning

Spoon-Got Out of the State
New Girl Art Trend Bansd (cut name not on cue sheet)
Chokebore-Tin as Clouds
I Braineater-I Braineater/Fun Time
Screamin' Mee Mees-Mysterious Gestures
Mach Kung Fu-On the Move

Chrome Cranks-I Was Sleeping
Red Red Meat-Cillamange
Cuckooland-All the Rage

the real Minx-Gasoline
Pussycat Trash-Dumb Crush
the Donnas-Get Rid of That Girl
International Strike Force-Star Crossed