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Playlist from 12 O'Clock Rock, a weekly program about underground rock airing on KPFK, Los Angeles, 90.7 FM. Produced by Andrea 'Enthal (PO Box 4904, Panorama City CA 91412).
web page: geneven/120.htm
What was heard on February 2, 1997

Retreiver-Orange Stripes (A)
Pep Rally-That's a Band I'd Drive to See (A)
Track Star- Silver Suit (A)

Zonic Shockum-Nick's
Gumption-Starting Line
11th Dream Day-View From the Rim
Beatnik Termites-Strawberry Girl
Mid-Fi - Eugene Oregon (A)
Sin N Spin -Primate Mixer Party

Poastal - April Cloud Suffocate (A)
Trunk Federation -Sweetbread Viscera
Mecca Normal-Ribbon (A)
Zonic Shockum-Castilla
UV Fly-Random Order (A)
the Most Secret Method-Perfect Plan

Zonic Shockum-Anyplace
Champ-Crashing Jet
the Most Secret Method-Blue

the Make Up-(live track from the Afterdark album)
Mach Kung Fu-Bugged
Trunk Federation-Match
Lassie Foundation-Save Yourself and Watch You Win
11th Dream Day-Motion Sickness

Crocodiles-In Your Arms
Mach Kung Fu-Teenage Letter/Reverb Shot
Crocodiles-Black Tar

11th Dream Day-For a King

the Donnas-Gonna Make Him Mine
Trunk Federation-Original Uptight
Deathstar-Stride Right
the Make Up-Gospel 2000 vs Culture/We're Having a Baby
Speaking Canaries -(Edit from Scat 55 album)
3D's-Dust/7 Days of Kindness
Incredible Force of Jr-Trailer Home
Polvo-High Wire Moves
the Warmers-Chuck Your Brains Out

June of 44-Sharks & Sailors
(A)From the double 12" compilation album: Super Winners Summer Rock Academy