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February 1, 1998 playlist from 12 O'Clock Rock

the Donnas-Looking For Blood

--- ---

the Deviants-Memphis Psychosis (A)

the Templars-Modern Day Ripper

the Basement Brats-Trashman

los Pinkos-Detroit

Youth Gone Mad-Guns

the Short Fuses-No Way

--- ---

This Robot Kills-101

the Alchemysts-Numinous (A)


Bugger Sod-Under Control

Primordial Undermind-Not an Atom (A)

--- ---

Young Marble Giants-Final Day

Spit-Road Pizza

Trunk Federation-Beanies Soft Toy Factory

--- ---

Medicine Ball-Rocket (A)

the Gain-Tim Said Tim Said (plus 1 more cut)

the Donnas-Rock n Roll Machine

Campus Tramps-I Hate the Beach

the Donnas-Checkin It Out

--- ---


Strapping Field Hands-Neptune's World

Lo Magnifica-White Knuckle Ride

Bugger Sod-Look to the Left, to the Right

the Buckets-Pony Express

Inch-Moot Point

--- ---

Delta 72-Get Down

Incredible Force of Junior-Stronger

Seagulls Screaming Kiss Her Kiss Her-Wake Up Noon

Lollipop-Half Dead Half Gone

the Short Fuses-Ride Me

46 Short-Comfy Chair

--- ---

Youth Gone Mad-Go Outter

Lo Magnifica-Basement Sounds

Bunnygrunt-Future Home of Planet Reptile


This Robot Kills-Dead Man

--- ---

June of 44-the Dexterity of Luck


(A) from the Terrastock compilation in Ptolemaic Terrascope fanzine