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Playlist from 12 O'Clock Rock

January 4, 1998

selections by Andrea 'Enthal


Bantam Rooster-Garage Rapture

Illyah Kuryahkin-Takin' a Train

Charalambides-Bid You Goodnight

Sandra Bell-Angel



the 5,6,7,8's-Pinheel Stomp

the Hormones-Castaway

the Masonics-Earl of Hell

the Necessary Evils-Twist, Grind, Rock & Burn

Daffodil-In My Own Way

Laughing Hyenas-Solid Gold Hell


Chumba Jumbo-Blues For Bastet

Cold Cold Hearts-Any Resemblance

18th Dye-Play With You


Mach 5-Sunday's Here

Inhalants-Automatic Pilot

the Grifters-Organ Grinder


Holly GoLightly-It's too Late Now


Heavenly Ten Stems-China Town

Floozy Drippys-Tiny Cowboy

Melt Banana-Ketchup Mess

Kenickie-Come Out 2 Nite

los Cacahuetes-los Cacahuetes

Curse of Horse Flesh-Old Joe Clark


Dame Darcy-(cut name not on cue sheet, from a 7" single)

Alastair Galbraith-Navajo


Karp-We Ate Sand


Arab Strap-First Big Weekend

Pram-60 Years of Telephony

Human Hands-Stupid World/Upside Down/My Kitchen (A)

Mascara Sue-Bunny's Sky High

PELME-Raped by the Riot Girl (A) (B)

Cows-(cut 4 from the 10" picturedisc)

Circle One-Beware (A)

No Crisis-Done is Done (A)


Rebel Truth-the Parasite (A)

Red Scare-Streetlife (A)

White Cross-Murder Weapon (A)

Against-Pain (A)

Lockjaw - Bats Ain't For Baseball(A)

NV Le Anderen-Short Life (A)

Urusei Yatsura-(cut name not on cue sheet, from their white vinyl 10")


PELME-Methyl 7 (A) (B)

Adrenalin OD-Suburbia (A)

Ill Repute-Cherry Cherry (A)

Agnostic Front-Last Warning (A)

Caustic Cause-Experiment in Terror (A)

Lost Generation -Mind Control (A)

RF7-Chainsaw Love Affair (A)

Abandoned-No Sympathy (A)

Zyklone A -Atomic Powers (A)


Bleeders-I'm an American


(A) In studio guest, Brian, presented offerings from his label Grand Theft Audio

(B) PELME stands for Popular Easy Listening Music Ensemble--and they are anything but what the name suggests.