Fly Ashtray-Flummoxed

Fly Ashtray's Flummoxed album is a amalgum of arty, chewy, bouncy sounds, featuring off-kilter rhythms (sometimes processed vocals) and a pop edge. Cuts vary from textural drones (the seemingly untitled track 6 & "Pico 12") to a Mayo Thompson era Pere Ubuish tone. Those who like straight-ahead rocking obviously aren't going to like this. But if wacky, jazzy, sometimes awkward, sometimes sing-songy sound like good terms, you will.

Blind Pigs-Sao Paulo Chaos

The Brazilian-based Blind Pigs cook up slabs of Lookout/Youth Brigade genre punk rock. It's hard, fast, brittle, with some seventies style guitar hawing and sawing. This release is on the Spanish (as in Madrid, you know, the European country, not the South American language) Grita label (which is known for crisply produced, rather straight-ahead and bright-sounding pop-infused rocking). My favorite cut is the unsentimental "No Pistols Reunion" which derrides retro punks and their nostalgia-drenched fore-brothers. But KPFK won't let me play that due to the vocabulary the band uses). Therefore I will be airing the two songs the band sing in Portugese. (If they've got any cusswords in 'em, who'll know?)

Creeper Laggon "Dear Deadly" + 4 other songs

Creeper Lagoon's music ranges from post-Oasis Britrock to Synthetic pop (electrobeat, synthesized strings) and also uses the current vocal fad (tissue paper soft males). "Empty Ships", for instance, starts with a deliberately scruffy recording aimed at recreating a Cavern-era Beatles sound and evolves into what I find overly commercial pop rock. And so, while their music won't harm the 14-year-olds that live down the street from you, it comes off to me as a synthetic imitation of underground rock, not the real thing. REJECTED.

Kincaid-Good Citizen of the Month

An appealing textural bounciness is what Kincaid's Good Citizen album has to offer over the average fey pop band. This recording is part of that post-Sarah soft pop British movement that I was really sick of two months after it had begun. (That was what, seven years ago?) Most of the tracks here don't stray from soft, with sweet male vocals, acoustic-sounding guitar, and inobtrusive percussion. I can't endorse this record wholeheartedly because the genre is so comatose. But within that genre, Kincaid are better than average. A few cuts (the ones you'll hear on June 22) will even keep you awake.

Larry O Dean-Throw the Lions to the Christians

Male singer/songwriter stuff, sometimes with a country tinge, other times sounding like Brian Ritchie's solo works. Once again, not at all badly done, but the name of the radio program isn't 12 O'Clock Singer/Songwriter Showcase. It's 12 O'Clock ROCK. I wanted to find one novelty cut or one perky cut that would stand above the general album genre. I really tried to find such a cut. But no such cut was there. REJECTED

Fuck-Pardon My French

See what I said about the Sarah movement in the Kincaid note. Now add a couple sleeping pills to that to get this. Yawn. What is the matter with the Matador label these days? Fuck isn't a bad band at all. I have several other GOOD records by them. But this record can be used in place of anaesthetics. I did find something decent to play but it was tough to do. Don't assume the record is like the cuts you heard on the radio. It's not.

Lida Husik-Fly Stereophonic.

KCRW becomes ecclectic type stuff. This is unthreatening pop rock with high, sweet female vocals which are recorded with extra echo to give them more fullness & smoothness. Music has its roots in sixties lounge pop and bands such as the Association and Up With People. Well done for what it is but that isn't what 12 O'clock Rock is about. REJECTED
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