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1 By using Montreux you agree with the conditions stated in this file. If you do not agree to this conditions you should immediately destroy your copies and wipe all Montreux files off your system and your backups.

2 This Montreux version can be used free of charge on any non commercial website. JBF Software likes to be informed of the use of Montreux at your non commercial site. Use of Montreux is not allowed on any website containing or supporting illegal or criminal information of any kind. It is not allowed on any website containing or supporting fascist or violent ideas and behaviour. Montreux may be used at commercial sites only if permission is granted by JBF Software. JBF Software may request a fee for such use. Please notice that future versions of Montreux may not be free of charge.

3 Montreux may be redistributed in the original package (zip file) only. No modifications of any kind are allowed unless prior written permission has been granted by JBF Software. Redistribution should be free of charge, with the sole exclusion of a modest fee for the redistribution process itself. JBF Software should be informed e.g. by email of any inclusion of Montreux into freeware and shareware distributions prior to release. Montreux may not be downloaded or redistributed in any way to countries and areas to which an applicable embargo of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, European Union, NATO or United Nations applies.

4 Montreux was not designed to damage your system or your software in any way. Still the use of the software is at your own risk. JBF Software does not have responsibility of any damage occurred to your hardware, software, data or anything else directly or indirectly due to or possibly due to (the use of) Montreux or any of its components. As well JBF Software does not have responsibility of any loss, injury, death etc, caused to persons or other organisms directly or indirectly due to (the use of) Montreux.

5 Disassembling, decompilation and patching of Montreux is not allowed. Any change made to the Montreux package is not allowed, except for the sections stated in the readme.html file, concearning the montreux.html and montreux.cfg files, graphics files and Montreux databases. These file may be replaced by user files if solely for the purpose of showing different graphics or databases using Montreux maybe using different configuration options and if the Montreux distribution (zip) package is not modified in any way.

6 For the use of commercial databases with Montreux permission of the commercial database distributor should be obtained. On these databases the conditions of these databases apply.

7 The Montreux software is owned by JBF Software and JP Hendriks. The user only gets a licence to use the software. JBF Software is allowed to withdraw this licence at any time for any reason.