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12 O'Clock Rock Cancelation

September 22, 1998

 Kathy Lo, KPFK's program director, just canceled 12 O'Clock Rock after its 18 years in existence (it was actually 2 O'Clock Rock until 1982). Andrea was asked to come in early to play a tape for this coming Saturday, and refused. Within moments, she was cancelled, as if her years of voluntary service didn't count because she would not immediately agree to a demand that she volunteer for an additional task.

 Saturday, September 26 is her last show. The station is said to be on a deliberate campaign to get rid of its oldest radio shows.

The 12 O'Clock time slot at midnight has traditionally been a haven for the latest and least commercial types of music, primarily rock. At one time, it was well-known for playing uncensored rock, but KPFK in recent years has steadfastly maintained censorship even after midnight because it proports to be afraid of political persecution, banning even songs with lyrics such as Fear's "I don't care about you, fuck you," which has nothing to do with sex. In fact, KPFK has largely dropped its one-time slogan of "Free Speech Radio," having become uninterested in free speech as a general issue, especially in regards to content that doesn't meet its particular political ends.

I will miss 12 O'Clock Rock as a font of interesting, noncommercial rock. Andrea spent hours every week scouring record stores across Southern California for new rock, and added to that whatever interesting music she could find in the world--and she found a lot. I can't count the number of traffic jams I have sat in, blissed out by or angered at or just amazed by the music recorded from her show. It was one way of keeping my brain alive. Thanks, Andrea!

--Gene Venable

September 28, 1998
Dear Andrea:
Well I have to say that I am really bumbed out.  But I also have to say that I’m not surprised.  I talked  to the people over on (long-standing KPFK non-political/non-music program, name witheld from the internet by Victor K, with hopes that will somewhat protect the program) about a year ago. They said that the program director is a real asshole.  And (same show by name) is another show that they are fighting to keep off the chopping block. Another thing I would like to tell you is that you made my Sunday mornings. You see, I have a dual tape deck hooked up top a timer.  I preset the stereo to 90.7 FM and go to bed.  In the morning I would listen to what I taped.  I use this machine to record not only your show but also “Stray Pop,” “Rodney on the ROQ.”  I also have another machine that I use to record “Music for Nimrods,” and “The Fringe Element.” It was a good run Andrea.  For over ten years I have listened to you. (That’s as long as I’ve had these machines.)  And for ten years is has been great.  The only times that I’ve not listened has been the times that a tape had been eaten.  But that been the only times.  I will miss you.  But I know that you will move on to bigger and better things. I suspect that the next two shows to go will be “The Fringe Element” and “(the previously mentioned cultural affairs talk show)”  The PD told (host of that program) that she hates (it) and the only reason she keeps it is that they get a good turnout at fund drives.  The mighty dollar speaks. I know that some day, some DJ will do what you used to do.  Maybe not this year,  maybe in ten years from now.  Still I would like to thank you for everything.  As I said you will be missed.  So Good by Andrea and do have a long happy life...

--Victor K

          A Crummy Welcome Back to LA

          Sun, 27 Sep 1998 02:19:37 -0700

I grew up out here in this expanse of concrete called Los Angeles and
grew up with your great music.  I did the whole migration thing to San
Francisco and then New York and most recently Auckland New Zealand (You
are playing a Tall Dwarves song as I write this-Chris Knox is a really
nice guy).  I kept in constant contact with my high school friends for
no other reason other than to keep my supply of tapes from your show
coming to me.  Even in a great music town of New York I felt somewhat
removed from your musical taste which always mirrored my own. In New
Zealand it was nothing less than  cultural oxygen.

I am back in town for a month onto the next destination and I am
driving home tonight thinking how great it is not to owe so many favors
to so many people now that I can listen to your shows in real time.
Suddenly you say "last show".  Nightmare come true.  I heard your blurb
about what happened with this "tape" that you would not play. I only
wish I were a subscriber so I could yank my subscription.  I will truly
be missing a bit of Saturday night in LA with your show gone.  I am
sure our paths have crossed in Arons, Poo-bah or Middle Earth (if they
are still around) over the years. Your research into music is truly
unparalleled anywhere in the world where I have been.

Before finishing I would like to tell you about one of my favorite
shows in New York which is in a different class as yours, but I see
some similarities.  WFMU in East Orange New Jersey is a great station
which broadcasts to New York City.  They have a DJ there named Glen
Jones who does a show on Sundays from 12 noon to 3 ( to listen
live). He is a wild child who made some disparaging remarks and got
into it with the programming director.  The last show was done and that
was that. Then the huge numbers of callers wanting to know where the
fun music was sparked a station reversal and after much negotiation he
was back on.  I am not saying this will happen and I do not hear you
asking callers to call and complain, but just thought you might be

I am sure there are a lot of the people out there who like your great
music, and some may actually hold day jobs who can subscribe to public
radio stations.  I hope to find you surfacing somewhere else (KCRW and
KPCC come to mind)  I certainly hope to hear your great music in the
future. Perhaps your friend can keep your 12 o'clock rock website up
with new music you have found, club listings, and of course your show

Thank you again for your great shows.

--Russell Kibbee
Friday, October 2
Dear Andrea,

I just read of the cancellation of your show and the circumstances
I didn't listen to "12 O'Clock Rock" as it isn't my kind of music, but I
always appreciated its validity and your validity and talent as a real
expostulate of the scene (is that a word?).
I think the station is moving away from cultural expression by the
programmers into a modular organization.  You take someone off the
street, put them at the board, show them which buttons to push, what
scripts to read, and soon coming, what records to play.  And voila',
there is a program!
There are thousands of musicians to whom you gave joy by putting their
work out there, however briefly, and giving them a chance to be heard.
And there must be another place for you to go from here, if you do go
from here.
As a fellow programmer, it was good to know that Saturday nights were
being filled by a real pro, doing a real service to the listeners and
from the heart, bringing credit to the station.

(written by a longtime KPFK programmer whose name is being witheld to protect him/her from station management)
        Thanks for Many Years of Great Music

Moved to LA from Chicago in Feb '85 and became acquainted with your show
sometime back in the later part of that decade.  Have many fond memories of listening to you then, often in my car on the way back from seeing some live music up in the Hollywood area.  Your show was always a pleasant oasis in the middle of a town that is usually dominated by horrible radio.  So now, since they're pulling the plug on you, its time for me to pull the plug on KPFK. In the past, I did listen to a handful of other shows on the station (e.g. Imaginary Landscape and Sounds of Jamaica are the first that come to mind), but in recent years, your show was the only one on the station that I paid any attention to.  So I just wanted to write to thank you for giving us this show.  By the way, I am recording the last show to keep the memory alive.
I will miss your show.  Best of luck to you in the future.

--Rodger Barrow <>

          Andrea, say it ain't so!
          Sat, 26 Sep 1998 00:17:22 PDT

I suggest you burn down KPFK's building as a final farewell.  (Without
the show, musically, I am once again lost)

--J Garcia

          Sun, 27 Sep 1998 03:58:20 EDT

         12'O Clock ROCK

This is Bullshit. Kathy Lo can go suck.
Take care,

          Tue, 22 Sep 1998 20:24:22 EDT
          Retarded Crap

That's the most retarded crap i've ever read in my life. I was thinking
about volunteering at kpfk............ This really pisses me off cause your show and mark's show are the only ones i listen to. during the week i have to listen to recorded stuff from your show.

           Wed, 23 Sep 1998 01:21:11 PDT

Dear Andrea,

    I am truly saddened by this...I don't know what to say...Damn the Man!  I loved 12 O clock Rock...It was one of the places where I felt understood (due to the fact that no one around here is into what i am into)...also I cant get KXLU so 12 o clock rock was the only underground rock radio show i could listen to.  I am
lost and do not know where to go :(

derrick t

P.S. I loved your show!  Do you plan on doing another?

What the *&%$%

   Would just like to offer any support/help I possibly can with this
unthinkable situation. I've been listening to the show since the days
you followed Bo Clifford and/or Maximum RnR. I have to say that I always
I'd have something to listen to driving home from the bar,show, or on the
graveyard shift at work on Saturday nights till one of us keeled over.  LA radio
just got a little blander. Too bad the enlightened ones at KPFK are always
looking for ways to tighten their circle of the converted. What now? Folk
music, more classical, or worse yet, patronizing world music soundtracks for self
absorbed boomer activist's sermons. Too bad the station doesn't realize that many "young" people as myself might not be listening to 'We the People' ,
'Gospel Caravan' or 'Democracy Now' if we were not introduced to the station
through 12 O'clock Rock.
Anyhow, before I get even more wordy let me just offer my sincere
appreciation of you sacrificing your Saturday nights for the last 18 years to expose
your listeners to music that no one else is willing to give the time of day.
   If there's any way I can help get you back on the air let me know. I
opened a small record store, so maybe I could get my customers to sign a
petition if that would be of any help. Just ask.
Take Care,
the store's called: 45 Revolution (562) 930-0277
Fri, 2 Oct 1998 21:38:34 EDT
          12 o'clock rock

This is terrible!! I am very sorry to hear this news. I have been out
of the radio loop for a few moments and then this happened.  I am very sorry
to hear that you are off the air. Your show will be truly missed!!
Please let me know if you are going to another station.
My thoughts are with you and for the asshole Program Director well, she
can stick it!  Twice!!